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Bs Mall
In terms of new designs and improved makeup tools to cater to each individual business’ uniqueness, BS-Mall devoted to build something differnent at the forefront of other makeup brush factories with an innovative ability and sustainable vision.



About Us

Bs Mall

The Manufacturer who Understand You Most

Thanks to humble beginnings at all levels and a wide scope of knowledge needed to establish a successful brand, we know all the difficulties you could encounter to excel in the makeup tool business. Therefore, BS-MALL is here to supply you with all our experience and resources to help upscale your business growth.

As a leading makeup brush china manufacturer, we offer superior makeup tools and solutions that are different from those offered by other manufacturers based on the actual occasion needs and convenience for your targeted makeup lovers and artists.

Mission & Dedication

Brand Value

A strong commitment to creating a brand of cosmetic tools that deeply understand users’ beauty differences and needs.

Brand Orientation

One-stop provider of entrepreneurial solutions, offering several makeup tools to small and mega-global businesses.

Brand Vision

Establish and serve thousands of BS-Mall global brand agency distribution and e-commerce business with premium beauty tools.

Timeline of BS-Mall Establishment

Bs Mall
From the ground up, BS-Mall devotes to provide superior makeup brushes & blender with an energetic innovation spirit.
BS-Mall is honored to get several patents, and one of its innovative standing cosmetic brushes is launched, which then became very popular on the market, establishing our superiority and uniqueness.
With the goal of offering advanced products in the makeup brush market, we focused on technological innovation and built a R&D team to research and develop sustainable cosmetic brushes.
In order to serve our partners better with a higher profitable value, we built a makeup brush factory, employed more than 70 experienced crafters, and acquired 10 pier hair machines.
Thanks to our dedication to catching up on trends and producing quality products, in a year, we got excellent reviews from customers and became the best seller on Amazon till now.
Thanks to our dedication to catching up on trends and producing quality products, in a year, we got excellent reviews from customers and became the best seller on Amazon till now.

Workshops Behind Premium Makeup Tools

To ensure adequate supply of your orders within the expected time, BS-Mall has a 3000m² makeup brush factory and 5 production lines with a 1800000 annual capacity.

Testimonials for Quality & Service

To further prove the reliability, we’ve received thousands of good reviews from business partner and clients.

Leanne Kelly

Customer service is considerate, and the makeup brushes from BS-Mall are of excellent quality. Absolutely love them, I look forward to placing more order.
Online Shop Owner

Alyssa W.

It is always working happily with this manufacturer; the feedback is always fast. The brushes I got are long lasting without easily falling off the bristles, and I am excited to start selling to my clients.
Brand Owner

Emily M.

BS-Mall is a pleasure to work with. Very informative and knowledge of all the different makeup brushes. They provided free samples to test the quality and I am veryyyy pleased with the quality. Look forward to collaborating again. 🙂
BS-Mall Client

Amanda F.

So cute with the color-coded types of pink in a cute little container. I love that they used the extra space left by putting in a mini make-up sponge.
BS-Mall Client

Sheri Hartman

Bang for your buck! Great brushes at a price that doesn’t kill your wallet! Great For beginners and also comes with a guide.
BS-Mall Client

Leanne Kelly

Makeup brushes are good. It contains all type of required brushes. I recieved all brushes in good condition. Bristles are soft n doesn’t poke. Beginners can purchase. Good on time delivery!