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Bs Mall

As a leading makeup bag manufacturer in the market, BS-MALL specializes in wholesale and custom service for businesses. Our patented designs offer practicality and style, ensuring your makeup merchandise is presented uniquely and eloquently.

Innovative Designs

Each makeup bag is ingeniously designed with specific features like a mirror, individual compartments, and durable zippers to ensure exceptional functionality and practical use.

Portable & Lightweight

Except for organizers at home, we also focus on the demands of on-the-go needs. It is lightweight and compact, ensuring easy transportation and storage.

Effective Organization

Incorporate versatile compartments to aid in efficient storage and retrieval of makeup items. This will help you attract customers who value efficient and elegantly organized makeup storage.

Serve for Your Business Projects

Wholesale Well-known Brand
Private Label Cosmetics Bag Effortlessly

Wholesale Well-known Beauty Brand

Instead of starting a new brand, a finished and well-known brand for decades can save more time and cost while being easy to sell. BS-Mall’s reputation grew when we started out as the top makeup brush seller on Amazon.

We support startup and mega-wholesale businesses, including online stores and physical shops. $5000 free sample kit is ready for your business to start with no concern or cost.

Wholesale with Relibale Brand

Sourcing cosmetics bags from China has never been easier. With BS-MALL, experience a hassle-free cosmetics bag wholesale process right at your fingertips. Extensive choices, incredible value, and top-tier quality are what we promise and deliver.

Enjoy the economies of scale in sourcing and improved profit margins by leveraging our wholesale structure designed exclusively for businesses. You will not just be buying a product; you will be investing in a proven strategy to escalate your business growth and extend your reach in the market.

Custom Makeup Bag at All Point

We value your business identity, and therefore, allow customization in makeup bags according to your brand guidelines and preferences.


PVC, polyester, nylon, or any other type of material you prefer for case, stand or bag. Comes with durability and sustainability features.

Whether you need a compact makeup bag for on-the-go applications or a larger version to store an extensive makeup collection, we’ve got you covered.

From bold hues to pastel colors, shiny metallics to simple earthy toned bags, the makeup bags can align perfectly with your brand’s aesthetics.

Simple, sleek designs or opt for standout, trend-setting ones are available. Also add details such as multiple pockets, zippered pockets, or mirror attachments.

Get your logo or brand marking imprinted on makeup bags, ensuring your brand stays visible, endorsing your business exponentially.

Successful Case like Yours

Get inspiration from others and develop for your design of makeup bags.