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Bs Mall
As one of the single makeup brush manufacturers with innovative design, BS-Mall with expertise meets the needs of wholesalers, private label brands, and custom brand owners, including a single brush for a specific purpose or as a supplement with a makeup brush set.

Explore Innovative Wholesale Makeup Brush

BS-Mall is dedicated to helping you transform your innovative ideas into reality, captivating your customers and expressing your brand’s unique identity. From unique brush designs to personalized packaging options, we offer the makeup brush you need to make a lasting impression in the beauty industry. With our customizable bristle, ferrules and handle options, you can create a bespoke makeup brush collection that perfectly embodies your brand’s vision.

Soft Skin-feeling

Made with soft and gentle materials like wool and dupont synthetic bristles that gives a lovely feel to the skin without hurt.

Dense & Rich Bristle

Full-fibered brush produced to be thick and firm with no chances of easily falling off during use.

Eco-friendly Handle

Easy-to-grip and flexible handle made from sustainable materials like cornstalk, coffee ground, bamboo, and plastic.

Serve for Your Business Projects

Wholesale Well-known Brand
Private Label Effortlessly

Wholesale Well-known Beauty Brand

Instead of starting a new brand, a finished and well-known brand for decades can save more time and cost while being easy to sell. BS-Mall’s reputation grew when we started out as the top makeup brush seller on Amazon.

We support startup and mega-wholesale businesses, including online stores and physical shops. $5000 free sample kit is ready for your business to start with no concern or cost.

Private Label Makeup Tool Effortlessly

To help influencers, brand owners, e-commerce stores, and startup businesses build their brands, we manufacture makeup tools and packages in over 100 trendy styles for you to label with your brand logo.

With solid knowledge about the market and how to overcome the struggles of a beginner, photography, copy and marketing advice to start an online store is available for you to private label easily.

Customization at All Point

Each specific can be tailored to your satisfaction from material selection to package design. For more details, please contact us to get a catalog.

A wide range of pantone hair colors, tip shapes, and materials (either biodegradable or dupont) are available.

Can be made of luxury copper or cost-effective aluminum, which can be plated in different colors, such as gold, rose gold and others.

Moldable handles for decorative and utility purposes can be made with vegan and recyclable materials. Handle colors can be designed with all pantones to match the bristles and ferrule.

To enhance your brand identity, your brand logo and graphics can be printed with pantone colors on brush handles.

Ranging from a cost-effective plastic case to a high-end luxury box with your logo print for a single makeup brush, as well as a makeup brush set.

Successful Case like Yours

Get inspiration from others and develop for your design of single makeup brushes.