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As reliable makeup brush manufacturers across the globe, BS-MALL has a safe and healthy production environment where our experienced workers exhibit their fine and traditional craftsmanship.

Following a streamlined manufacturing process, our premium makeup brushes are handmade in 12 simple steps.




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Skillful Veteran Makes Brush Perfect

Bs Mall
The BS-Mall family is made up of over 100 skilled workers, most of whom have more than eight years of experience and expertise.

When you choose BS-Mall as your partner, you employ an entire assembly of manufacturing experts to set your makeup brushes apart from others.

They perfect the makeup brush by massaging and trimming the bristles to create an aesthetic shape and provide a smooth skin feel that the machine cannot match.

12 Steps Fine Production Process

The process is fully handmade, systematic, and fast, while maintaining stability to ensure quality production.


To ensure a consistent richness of bristles, the amount of bristles contained in each brush is strictly regulated.


Involves the rearrangement of the bristles to make it neat and soft. This makes the hair even and clean of impurities.

Tapping in Cup

The bristles are placed in the dun cup; then the craftsman makes them rounded, shaping the head by molding.

Tightening with Thread

The brush head is tied firmly with a thin thread to prevent the hair from spreading.

Rolling & Massaging

The brush is massaged by hand in order to roll out the layers and get the desired shape.

Cutting the Tips

After cutting the extra tips, the glue is applied evenly so that the brush head and ferrule stick more firmly.

Install in Ferrule

Remove the thread and use a tube as media to put the brush in the ferrule.

Pressing the Ferrule

Use a machine to press and keep the brush in place to prevent disengagement.

Filling in Glue

Put in a PP bag to prevent the brush shape from deforming. Turn it upside down and fill with premium adhesive glue.

Baking & Shaping

Use vegan powder before putting it in the oven to be baked at high temperature to maintain the brush shape.


Trim the brush by hand to keep it smooth and maintain the perfect curvature without puff hair.

Connect the Handle

Press and spin 360⁰ to ensure even glue application. Place it in a ventilated place to prevent the smell of glue.