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With BS-MALL’s popular designs and marketing resources, our business partners, such as influencers, propietarios de marcas, and startup makeup brush and blender businesses, can enjoy a fast launch with private label into the industry’s top lists.



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100+ Trendy Design

Availability of more than 100 exclusive and popular designs that are proven and verified popularity in the market.

Persistant Updates

In addition to developing new patent models, about 30-40 design update appearances are made per year.

Marketing Advice

With experience in creating a successful brand in Amazon, we help you start and run your store successfully with operation tips.

Free Digital Rescources

Value-added services like free professional photoshoot and copywriting resources are provided for your business.


Impresión del logotipo Enhances Brand Identity

A logo on products is the priority for customers to know about you and more convenient for promotion. Therefore, BS-Mall offers a one-stop solution to customize your logo in patone color system to enhance your brand identity.

Package Levels Up Your Brand Image

To further promote your business to the next level, BS-Mall offers hundreds of package models, from budget-friendly cases to luxury boxes, based on your products style and brand identity.

Instead of a simple storage role, BS-Mall’s package have a sense of aethethics value and beautifying options to develop for your packaging goals. Kindly contact us to get an affordable catalog to set apart from others.

Would like to customize with more specifics?

Check out our contract manufacturing service from bristle to package design.

Simple Steps to Brand Your Own Line

Tell us your idea and we can achieve your goals together step by step.

After choosing your prefered products, you will be given a price quote based on the makeup brushes, units, logo printing, and package service ordered.

Free samples and digital proof of makeup brush and blender will be sent to you to confirm if they meet your expectations of quality and design specifics.

The experienced veterans get to work in complete production and inspection within 10-21 working days.

Your order will be well packed and shipped to you based on your choice of cost-effective ocean freight or fast air freight.