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BS-Mall as a makeup sponge manufacturer with expertise in making highly-functional beauty blenders and puffs that help applying powder on the face more densely and precisely.

The blenders can be customized for wholesalers and private label brands as a single product as well as a set.



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Blender Kecantikan & embusan

Privatel Label & Wholesale Beauty Blender

Discover endless customization options with our makeup blenders and puffs. Choose from various colors and shapes to match your branding or aesthetic and enhance the makeup application technique. Whether you prefer a classic teardrop shape or a flat edge for precise blending, we have the perfect option for you. Custom beauty blender logo showcases your brand and creates a lasting impression with every use. Effortlessly achieve flawless makeup looks and satisfy even the most discerning clientele.

Latex-free Material

High-density and eco-friendly material is safe to use, especially for customers that are allergic to latex products. BS-Mall's beauty blenders and puffs are healthy and non-toxic, making them applicable universally.

Soft Texture

A velvet texture that provides soft and smooth skin-feeling. BS-Mall makeup sponges can be used for up to 30 times of powder release while performing properly without irritation.

High Resilience

Passing through standard manufacturing processes and tests, the makeup sponges are bouncy and don’t easily get deformed. The beauty blender is also easy to clean and reusable, making them more durable.

Private Label Beauty Sponge in One Stop

Serving as a one-stop solution provider, BS-Mall offers you timely and cost-friendly service to build a beauty brand and start a makeup tool line easily. Your business logo can be printed on the makeup sponge and package to boost your brand identity.

Tailored powder puffs in a full-service destination

With all-in-one powder puff solutions from mold to package, BS-Mall is able to manufacture powder puffs with your own branding and labeling and quickly launch a new product line in a convenient and cost-effective way.
Design Your Beauty Blender in Details
Years of experience and innovative manufacturing capabilities with successful cases is here for your exclusive brand design.


Following your ideas and concepts, various types for your beauty blenders come in classic teardrop, bevel cut, and gourd, or novel designs like peach, egg, and lemon.


Depending on your preferred pantone color or popular color spectrum, designers can give your beauty blenders a high aesthetic value to showcase exclusiveness.


To make your brand more popular and known on the market, your logo can be printed on the beauty blenders with extra texture by laser cutting, as well as easy and cost-effective printing on the package.


To showcase your unique brand image for customer attraction, BS-Mall expertise extends to all forms of storage to package beauty blenders with your logo, either box, bottle, or case.