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Make-up Pinsel

With innovative design, first-rate quality, and persistent supply, BS-Mall offers specialized solutions to make your makeup tool business start easily and thrive.

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What BS-Mall Offer

Wide variety of featured makeup tools for your business and customized
options for your target cosmetics market.
Cost-effective makeup brush sets are popular on the market. Based on your country, various suitable styles are available for your customers.

Einzelner Make-up-Pinsel

As supplementary in makeup bag, it is suitable for your customers with specific use and performance, such as face, lips, and eyes.

Beauty Blender & Puffs

The latest trend in the market is perfect for blending and applying makeup easily to enhance your customers’ beauty.

Makeup Bag & Case

Offer customizable, wholesale makeup bags, ensuring superior quality, diverse functional designs and optimal profitability for your business partners.

Private Label

Value-added services from OEM makeup brush specialists allow you to build a new brand or makeup tool line for a fast launch, which is suitable for influencers, Markeninhaber, E-Commerce-Shops, and startup businesses.
Bs Mall

Scalable Beauty Tool Solutions

BS-Mall offers distinctive business opportunities to bring your ideas and concepts to realization.
Bs Mall

Wholesale & Distribute

With a steady supply of wholesale makeup brushes to meet the needs of your target market, you can partner with us as our dealer in your locality. Treating your startup business, online store, and physical shop as our establishment, you will get all the needed support.

Customize in Details

Our R&D capabilities extend to full makeup tool customization to suit your preferences. ODM services, such as custom makeup brush designs and contract manufacturing, are provided for brand owners as well as growing and mega beauty businesses.
Make-up-Pinsel aus Naturhaar
Bs Mall

Handcrafted by Veterans

With an entire assembly of experienced craftsmen and a fully equipped factory of 3000m², the craftsmanship procedures is systematic and efficient to level up your makeup brush and blender line.

Every piece of the makeup tools, from the bristle toe to the handle bottom, is made by hand and inspected thoroughly to ensure flawless production.

Innovative & Sustainable Dedication

Maintaining the number-one spot as the best makeup brush manufacturer since our establishment on Amazon in 2014, BS-MALL heightened its commitment to creating improved cosmetic tools that understand users’ skin peculiarities and beauty choices deeply.

As for BS-MALL business partners, we are dedicated to using eco-friendly materials and patent designs to enhance your business value and make you stand out.

Reliable & Certified Capabilities

By complying with global standards, BS-Mall ensure quality, performance, and popularity for your business.
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