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Not your normal supplier, but the partner who care your business success. Serving as an All-in-One Service, BS-mall Help You Meet Your Makeup Brush Set Needs of Combining Style, Quality, And Affordable Prices.
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Popular Makeup Brush Set in the Market

As top makeup brush seller in the amazon, Bs-mall can support your business with hot sale and lastest makeup brush innovation.


One Stop Private Label for You

A logo on products is the priority for customers to know about you and more convenient for promotion. Therefore, BS-Mall offers a one-stop solution to customize your logo and package in patone color system to enhance your brand identity.

Custom Makeup Brush in Details

Take your individual ideas into exclusive design and set your brand apart from others.
Shape & Size

Brush Bristle

Can be made in various hair types, including natural cruelty-free animal hair (goat hair or horse hair), synthetic fibers (nylon or DuPont™ polyester), etc. The brush bristle can also be dyed in any color based on your preference.
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Brush Shape & Size

Depending on the face part application (face, eyes, or lips), the makeup brush can be customized to take any shape and size, such as round, flat, angled, long, short, etc.

Brush Ferrule

The bristle is held tight to the brush handle with either copper or aluminum material, which can be plated in different colors, such as gold or rose-gold depending based on the your design.

Brush Handle

Made with vegan and recyclable materials like wheat stalks, coffee ground, bamboo, and plastic, the brush handle can be developed in exclusive shapes, such as standing handles, which can also be painted in all pantone colors.

Logo Printing and Engraving

To enhance your brand identity and make you exclusive among other makeup brush businesses, we help print your brand logo or graphics on the ferrule, handle, package with captivating colors and finishes.

Package Design

A wide range of packaging options is available for you to create exclusive designs based on your choice, such as plastic box, bottle box, luxury box, and many more.

How BS-Mall Make A Difference?

100+ Trendy Design

Exclusive and popular designs are available for private label easily. Most of them are proven and verified popularity in the market.

Free Product Photography

To help your online store startup easily, BS-mall can provide exquisite make up brushes pictures by professional photographers.

Comprehensive Aftersale Service

Enjoy 1-year warranty without hassle. And If you need marketing advice for your online business, feel free to contact us.

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Within 24 hours, detailed responses are given to your questions.

    Bs Mall

    The Manufacturer who Understand You Most

    Thanks to humble beginnings at all levels and a wide scope of knowledge needed to establish a successful brand, we know all the difficulties you could encounter to excel in the makeup tool business. Therefore, BS-MALL is here to supply you with all our experience and resources to help upscale your business growth.

    As a leading makeup brush china manufacturer, we offer superior makeup tools and solutions that are different from those offered by other manufacturers based on the actual occasion needs and convenience for your targeted makeup lovers and artists.

    Reliable & Certified Capabilities

    By complying with global standards, BS-Mall ensure quality, performance, and popularity for your business.

    Simple Steps to Brand Your Own Line

    Tell us your idea and we can achieve your goals together step by step.

    After choosing your prefered products, you will be given a price quote based on the makeup brushes, units, logo printing, and package service ordered.

    Free samples and digital proof of makeup brush and blender will be sent to you to confirm if they meet your expectations of quality and design specifics.

    The experienced veterans get to work in complete production and inspection within 10-21 working days.

    Your order will be well packed and shipped to you based on your choice of cost-effective ocean freight or fast air freight.

    Successful Case like Yours

    Get inspiration from others and develop for your design of single makeup brushes.

    Testimonials for Quality & Service

    To further prove the reliability, we’ve received thousands of good reviews from business partner and clients.

    Leanne Kelly

    Customer service is considerate, and the makeup brushes from BS-Mall are of excellent quality. Absolutely love them, I look forward to placing more order.
    Online Shop Owner

    Alyssa W.

    It is always working happily with this manufacturer; the feedback is always fast. The brushes I got are long lasting without easily falling off the bristles, and I am excited to start selling to my clients.
    Brand Owner

    Emily M.

    BS-Mall is a pleasure to work with. Very informative and knowledge of all the different makeup brushes. They provided free samples to test the quality and I am veryyyy pleased with the quality. Look forward to collaborating again. 🙂
    BS-Mall Client

    Amanda F.

    So cute with the color-coded types of pink in a cute little container. I love that they used the extra space left by putting in a mini make-up sponge.
    BS-Mall Client

    Sheri Hartman

    Bang for your buck! Great brushes at a price that doesn’t kill your wallet! Great For beginners and also comes with a guide.
    BS-Mall Client

    Leanne Kelly

    Makeup brushes are good. It contains all type of required brushes. I recieved all brushes in good condition. Bristles are soft n doesn’t poke. Beginners can purchase. Good on time delivery!

    24/7 Online Assistance

    Consultants are available round the clock to help you with product specifics, quotations, and other services.